Download Futurephonic – Rhythmizer Ultra (Windows)

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Futurephonic – Rhythmizer Ultra (Windows)

Revolutionize Your Rhythms with Futurephonic – Rhythmizer Ultra (Windows)

Futurephonic's Rhythmizer Ultra (Windows) is a groundbreaking tool for producers, beatmakers, and musicians who want to push the boundaries of rhythm creation. This innovative plug-in combines advanced sequencing, powerful effects, and intuitive controls to transform your beats and grooves. Whether you're producing electronic music, hip-hop, or any genre that thrives on intricate rhythms, Rhythmizer Ultra offers unparalleled versatility and creativity.

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Features of Rhythmizer Ultra:

  • Generates infinite randomized MIDI.
  • Adjusts scale and rhythm probabilities, including custom scales.
  • New: Harmony generation in Poly Stack mode.
  • New: Ergonomic step sequencer.
  • Advanced LFO pitch bending using Bend Mode.
  • Random gating and speed.
  • MIDI Loop button!
  • Assign randomized MIDI CC messages.
  • Some DAW limitations – check the manual in the Extras folder for compatibility.

Advanced Sequencing Capabilities

Rhythmizer Ultra takes rhythm creation to the next level with its advanced sequencing features.

  • Multi-Layer Sequencing: Create complex, multi-layered rhythms with ease. Each layer can have its own sequence, allowing you to build intricate, evolving patterns that add depth and interest to your tracks.
  • Randomization and Probability: Inject an element of surprise into your rhythms with powerful randomization and probability controls. This feature allows you to introduce subtle variations or completely unexpected changes, making your beats feel more organic and dynamic.
  • Step Modulation: Modulate any parameter on a per-step basis. This allows for detailed control over dynamics, pitch, filter, and other effects, enabling you to create truly unique and expressive rhythms.

Powerful Effects and Sound Shaping

Rhythmizer Ultra is equipped with a suite of built-in effects and sound shaping tools to enhance your rhythms.

  • Filter and EQ: Sculpt your sounds with precision using the built-in filter and EQ. Shape the tonal balance of your beats and remove unwanted frequencies to create a clean, polished mix.
  • Delay and Reverb: Add space and depth to your rhythms with high-quality delay and reverb effects. These effects are designed to complement the rhythmic elements and add a professional touch to your tracks.
  • Distortion and Saturation: Introduce warmth and character with distortion and saturation effects. These can be used subtly to add harmonic richness or more aggressively for a gritty, hard-hitting sound.

User-Friendly Interface and Workflow

Despite its advanced features, Rhythmizer Ultra is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Graphical Interface: The visually appealing interface makes it easy to see and manipulate your sequences. Clear labeling and real-time visual feedback ensure that you can quickly understand and adjust the plug-in's parameters.
  • Preset Library: Start creating immediately with a comprehensive library of presets. These professionally designed presets provide instant inspiration and serve as a great starting point for your own custom rhythms.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Simplify your workflow with drag-and-drop functionality. Easily import samples and assign effects to create complex rhythms without getting bogged down by technical details.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Futurephonic’s Rhythmizer Ultra is compatible with all major digital audio workstations (DAWs) on Windows, supporting VST, VST3, and AAX formats. This ensures seamless integration into your existing workflow and allows you to use the plug-in in a variety of production environments.

  • Low CPU Usage: Optimized for efficiency, Rhythmizer Ultra uses minimal CPU resources, allowing you to run multiple instances without compromising performance. This is particularly useful for complex projects with many tracks and effects.
  • Instant Download and Lifetime Activation: Upon purchase, Rhythmizer Ultra is available for instant download and comes with lifetime activation. This means you can start using the plug-in immediately and benefit from free updates in the future.

Ideal for All Music Genres

Rhythmizer Ultra is perfect for a wide range of music genres, from electronic and hip-hop to rock and pop. Its versatile rhythm creation capabilities make it suitable for both studio production and live performance.


Futurephonic's Rhythmizer Ultra (Windows) is a powerful and versatile tool for rhythm creation, offering advanced sequencing, built-in effects, and an intuitive interface. Whether you're looking to add complexity to your beats or create entirely new rhythmic patterns, Rhythmizer Ultra has the tools you need. Download Rhythmizer Ultra today and revolutionize your approach to rhythm production.

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